[theforum] Spraying machine gun fire around without a target (was Re: Vote Request)

John Handelaar john at userfrenzy.com
Mon Sep 11 11:37:59 CDT 2006

Alan Lloyd wrote:
> William Anderson wrote:
>> The vote, imho, is flawed, and at this stage is pointless.  Let's move on
>> now to more important things than mailing lists.  My tuppence.
> Um look at the different posts. We are moving on. Please feel free to
> get involved again in a different thread.

Alan, you're not "moving on".

So far you've

a)  Unilaterally decided to alter the evolt.org homepage,
     offering no opportunity for anyone to discuss either
     what it says or how it looks

b)  With this message, pissed on one of the only people
     in evolt.org who's actually been doing anything this
     whole time while you were doing whatever it was you
     were doing

c)  Suggested two or three other changes to the site and/or

...and here's the one that's really starting to get on my

d)  Provided no suggestion *at all* about *what you're trying
     to achieve*

Activity is *not* the same thing as progress.  William and I
- and no doubt some other naysayers yet to break cover -
couldn't be more happy that there are people as dissatisfied
as ourselves at the current state of affairs.

But you're not answering the right questions:

1.  What the hell are we doing here?

2.  Why are we doing it?

3.  Aren't css-d, ALA and Sitepoint doing our job so
     much better than we are that it's time for us to knock
     it on the head?

4.  What do we need to change to make 3) not true?

My own opinion is that without clear answers to all four
of those questions, *all* interim changes are timewasting.

I have another, sysadmin-ish point to make, which will
be following shortly in another mail.

John Handelaar

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