[theforum] Spraying machine gun fire around without a target (was Re: Vote Request)

Sarah Adams mr.sanders at geekjock.ca
Mon Sep 11 12:24:08 CDT 2006

> ...didn't bother waiting for any approval though, did he?

I'm assuming he took the lack of responses as a tacit approval. I know I

> I'm less OK with the way it wasn't in any way differentiated
> from the articles - which after a while just looks like the
> most recent article never changes.

That's easy enough to change, no need to get upset over it.

> I'm *entirely fscking NOT OK* with someone making that change
> without recourse to the rest of us.

Your response to this seems somewhat unjustified and definitely far too
harsh given that no harm was done or intended. We're all just trying to
do what's best for evolt (or figure out what that is) so let's all keep
that in mind when interacting with each other and keep it friendly.

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