[theforum] Spraying machine gun fire around without a target(was Re: Vote Request)

Sarah Adams mr.sanders at geekjock.ca
Mon Sep 11 13:05:17 CDT 2006

> Coming into theforum like a whirlwind from (relative and recent)
> nowhere means you're unlikely to have done that. Those who have been
> here, and have been working, for ages have already gained much of that
> trust. Thus (to pick a non-random example) Dean could probably do
> anything non-totally-dumb without discussing it first, and get away with
> it. But then, he'd be unlikely to do that.
> This is kind of a long way of saying this: Sure, go ahead, do stuff on
> your own initiative. But with that comes the responsibility that you
> might get a kicking for it. Even if you don't go through the formality,
> *talk* to people first - take temperature, see what people think. That
> way you filter out the dumb stuff.

I completely agree. I just thought John's response was far too harsh
given that Alan was not willfully "damaging" the home page, he was just
(arguably) a little rash in his actions. A calm and though-out response
such as yours and Tara's would have been just as effective without
potentially scaring the guy off completely.

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