[theforum] Spraying machine gun fire around without a target(was Re: Vote Request)

Elfur Logadóttir elfur at elfur.is
Mon Sep 11 13:33:58 CDT 2006

|:.I completely agree. I just thought John's response was far too harsh
|:.given that Alan was not willfully "damaging" the home page, 
|:.he was just
|:.(arguably) a little rash in his actions. A calm and 
|:.though-out response
|:.such as yours and Tara's would have been just as effective without
|:.potentially scaring the guy off completely.

one thing that you can add to your "knowledge" list:

John is always harsh :)
he has a rather confronting manner, but he's also quick to recover :)

But this time I'm not defending him, because to me, this was too harsh a
reaction to someone just trying to get things going again.

I too have strong opinions about evolt.org and processes and things like
that, but I have decided to not invoke them as I'm not going to be able to
participate in any of the work that needs to be done.

The only think I think we should remember is that we all have different
personalities and we all have different opinions, treat people with care and
remember that John has a harsh front :)


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