[theforum] Spraying machine gun fire around without a target (was Re: Vote Request)

William Anderson neuro at well.com
Mon Sep 11 20:53:29 CDT 2006

Sarah Adams wrote:
>> ...didn't bother waiting for any approval though, did he?
> I'm assuming he took the lack of responses as a tacit approval. I know I
> did.

This was my point in the first place, which was dismissed earlier out of
hand.  You.  Do.  Not.  Change.  Things.  On.  Friday.  Nights.  You just
don't, be it content, configuration or whatever.  Alan asked to make the
change at 16:46 CDT (21:46 GMT) and reported making the change at 19:42 CDT
(00:42 GMT), which is crazy.  I was away all Saturday and out most of Sunday
which meant that while I saw the change, I couldn't really react to it.

You simply don't make any kind of changes to things or seek approval to
speedily implement changes that late on a Friday night.  It's nuts, just
nuts, and indicative of the untempered enthusiasm that's running in theforum
right now, and *exactly* why I asked we take stock - not for months, but
just a few days to figure out what we're doing.  Now a unilateral decision
made without even waiting for a response over the weekend from long-time
evolt content and sysadmin teams has wound people up.

This is, again, exactly what I was talking about.  Can we all take a step
back here and make sure that everyone is on the same page?

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