[theforum] Vote Request

Elfur Logadóttir elfur at elfur.is
Mon Sep 11 13:56:25 CDT 2006

|:.Also, if discussions/decisions about evolt are happening via IRC, how
|:.are those evolters not on IRC to be privy to those
|:.discussions/decisions? Can some kind of (permanent) archive 
|:.be established?

there is no archive. 
And again, if any discussion happens (which of course it sometimes does)
it's never a discussion that leads to any decision - because the IRC
channel, whoever is in there at any given time, is never the proper decision
forum and has never been used as such.

the channel is a chat channel first and foremost.
although sometimes used while any part of the group is in action mode, it is
mainly chatting.

therefore, no archive is needed - or wanted, for that matter.

If you're there, great, if you're not, you're not missing out on anything
remotely relevant to evolt.org and it's operations.

hope that cleares some of your questions


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