[theforum] Brief notes on the sanctity of theforum, and double-standards relating thereto

Jeremy Ashcraft ashcraft at 13monkeys.com
Sun Sep 17 12:12:10 CDT 2006

thanks david....

I guess I didn't phrase the first part of my question clearly enough. 
What I really meant to ask was, who's got administrator/editor  privs in
drupal on weo?  I only ask to satisfy my personal curiosity and just so
everyone knows who can currently make/approve changes to the site.

David Kaufman wrote:
> Jeremy Ashcraft <ashcraft at 13monkeys.com> wrote:
>> on a slighty related note, I've been out of the evolt loop for a
>> while. As a (current?) member of sysadmin (with no access to
>> anything), I would just like to know who's keeping the keys these
>> days?   Who's got admin access to weo?  Who's maintaining the boxen?
>> Who's admin for the various lists?  If this is going to be community
>> driven, we need to have a little bit of accountability back to the
>> community.
> I go in and update the operating system with security patches about once 
> a month, block a coupe of dozen new viagra/ringtone/insurance spam users 
> from weo (roughly once a week), delete spam from the mailing lists' 
> moderator queues, and renew the domain name, and the box is physically 
> cared for by the good sysadmins at ServerMatrix.com.
> Dean used to do all the mailing list admin, and spam-shoveling, until 
> his recent resignation, at which time Alan and I volunteered to take up 
> the slack, after which Alan got annoyed at having to maintain a dozen 
> lists (that do take some maintainin'!) to which no one ever seemed to 
> post :-)  The rest is (this weeks) history.
> So I guess I owe the community my accountability.  I can't actually 
> count, but I'll do my darnedest :-)
> -dave 
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