[theforum] democracy (was RE: *Productive* ways to proceed (was: Re: Spraying machinegun fire around without a target(was Re: Vote Request)))

Joel D Canfield joel at spinhead.com
Mon Sep 11 14:47:44 CDT 2006

> [*]  Count me, for the record, with that subset of evolters
>       who don't believe that evolt.org has ever been a democratic
>       organisation, 

probably shouldn't be; dunno about the reality, since we sorta have a
history of decisions not being made because we talk 'em to death

>       and further, isn't too wild about people who
>       don't contribute code/person-hours/art getting a vote.

not sure how you're defining that, but I think people who are qualified
to give coherent feedback but don't necessarily end up contributing
"code/person-hours/art" should still have a voice (e.g., a user
interface expert may not 'do' anything but give advice - I say we
listen, if they know their stuff)

I've always run my band as a benevolent dictatorship. I want everyone to
be happy and have a voice, but in the end, it's my gig, and *nobody*
other than me has a 'vote' - just an opinion.

if we have a group dictator (I think a single dictator wouldn't be
enough in this case) I couldn't care less if I have a 'vote' as long as
those who do vote have given my opinion whatever consideration it
deserves. in fact, I like the idea of the smallest number of deciders
possible. and those who've been the de facto deciders in the past have
thus far earned and kept my trust. for what that's worth.


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