[theforum] The light at the end of the tunnel

Alan Lloyd alan at www-ss.com
Sun Sep 17 17:58:35 CDT 2006


First I am sorry I have not been around for you to shout at me. However
my partner gave birth to our second child two weeks early so I have been
a bit busy.

Then when I found out some c*nt had unsubscribed me anyway I thought
'what the heck'.

PLEASE don't waste the opportunity I tried to give you. I did not want
to change the way evolt works. Just point out that it doesn't.

I got you all talking again. THAT IS WHAT I WAS AIMING FOR. Shocking you
into action. I am disgusted at what it took (and so should you all be).

Don't let some fools decide what happens to evolt just because they have
been around for a long time. NO ONE HAS THAT RIGHT!

So I guess all I want to say is good luck. Keep evolt running and try to
get rid of the stupid people who just want to talk! Tell them to join
AOL and use the chat rooms. To keep evolt going needs ACTION not TALK.

Every one HAS a voice. Please don't let anyone tell you different. IF

So good luck and good bye. (Don't worry this will be my last post. I got
the message)



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