[theforum] Lack of evolt Listmastery (was: Re: [thelist] TipHarvest for the Week of Monday Oct 09, 2006)

Luther, Ron Ron.Luther at hp.com
Tue Oct 24 15:32:56 CDT 2006

David Kaufman enlightened a few of us who have not rolled up our sleeves
Personally pitched in with how *much* behind the scenes work there
really is:

Hi Dave!

I second Joel's sentiments.  Wow!  Thank you very much for stepping up
helping out.  It *IS* mucho appreciantavo!  [1]

>>So, if anyone notices (or even just suspects) that the lists are
jammed, I'd 
>>really appreciate it if you could email me at one of those addresses
with a 
>>big "EVOLT LISTS GONE WONKY" sort of subject, 

Will try.  I generally fret a bit, and then once-in-a-while send a note
over to 

>>Long term, I think it would be great to write a program that monitors
>>bandwidth *and* alerts me and the other sysadmins (using some
spam-free conduit) 
>>when obvious anomalies occur:

Great idea, Dave!  We had a number of these 'administrative alerts' set
up here 
for a system I was somewhat involved with.  I don't know much about mail
and how easy/hard it is to count inbound/outbound traffic by day/half
but once loaded into a db I (and many other folks here) might have some
on how to work with it.

Thanks Again,


[1] I wouldn't say I make up a lot of words ... Oh sure, a little blush
here and 
there ... maybe some eyeliner ... but that doesn't really count.  Does

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