[theforum] The slaying of the List Dragons (Was: only ~12 hours of downtime today!)

David Kaufman david at gigawatt.com
Tue Nov 7 21:16:47 CST 2006

David Kaufman <david at gigawatt.com> wrote:
> ...Keep the faith, evolutionaries!  Though the enemy is legion, and
> we're armed only with the lowest-end Celeron money could er, rent
> ...in 2003, our cause is Just and the open source Wizards are on our
> side :)

And lo, the performance dragon was thus and heretofore verily slain this 
day by none other than Handelaar the Brave (during a coffee break from 
his day job).  Let the mead flow and mutton chops fly!

> John and I are gonna put our collective noggins together Real Soon
> Now... hopefully tonight, if we can sync schedules... and tackle this
> problem and kick its butt.

Actually John put his own collective head together :-)

> This is actually why I volunteered to [get] combat chops on a
> high-volume server with oodles of traffic, both legitimate and evil,
> so's I can sell m'self as an smtp warrior...

And while I didn't actually see any combat ...myself, I *was* privy to a 
first hand account by the slayer himself.  Anyone wanna hire a 
Listmaster with extensive experience watching helplessly over a period 
of weeks as his charge is crushed under the weight of its own spam and 
virus filters, propping it up repeatedly only to watch it fall over 
again, and then watch (and hopefully learn) as someone who knows what 
they're doing fixes it by changing one line in a conf file?

Anyone, ...anyone?

-dave (the lily-livered)

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