[theforum] lists on tempest

Dean Mah dmah at shaw.ca
Tue Nov 7 07:35:07 CST 2006

Those are usually only spikes that last an hour or so.  Take a look at
what else is going on at the time.  You'll usually find that bots are
spidering the site or spammers are hitting the trackbacks, comments,
etc.  Also the traffic generated by RSS hits is quite large especially
when it goes back to the database all the time.  You see mysql running
out of available connections.  That's why for a time I had replaced the
RSS pull with a static "RSS page" that was generated hourly.

I don't think that there's a need to split off the lists unless you
think that the amount of traffic that the Web sites generates is
overwhelming, which I personally doubt.


William Anderson wrote:
> neuro at tempest:~$ uptime
>  18:31:02 up 277 days, 14:30,  1 user,  load average: 21.19, 23.36, 27.38
> This is getting pretty ridiculous; do we want to hive off the lists onto
> another machine?  Could the funds stand to support a cheap virtual machine
> somewhere, i.e. < 15-20UKP/mo?

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