[theforum] MOD: Hold Messages By Default

Dean Mah dmah at shaw.ca
Sat Dec 9 12:19:15 CST 2006

John Handelaar wrote:
> Dean Mah wrote:
> > I've changed all lists (except content) to hold messages from
> > non-members rather than to automatically reject.  
> (Notwithstanding the *muy* appreciation I have for this
> tweaking in general...)
> Q: Doesn't this mean the approval queue tool will get
> flooded with spam?

Yes, more spam gets held.

> If so, said web-based tool would become unusable.

Not if you keep up with it, i.e., check it every once in a while, which I'm doing.  Of course, we could also write a script to use mailman's 'discard' command to automatically do the clean up.  However, I still hold out some small hope that not everything sent is spam and without a notification to the sender now, a cursory glance should be taken at the messages.  For instance, before changing the lists, my message was rejected because I sent it from gmail but I got a notification.  In the scenario now, it would have silently been dropped.

> Can we maybe tweak Mailman to route such messsages
> to (eg) blackhole at evolt.org instead of the sender, then
> make that address a pipe to /dev/null ?

Yes, we could do that.  Or you could even do it in qmail-scanner-queue.pl.  However, you then incur the overhead of calling qmail-scanner-queue.pl since everything incoming and outgoing goes through it.  And since you're doing that, you're incurring the penalty of starting up Perl, which is what we're trying to avoid.

You'd be better off adding a feature "reject without notification" to mailman.


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