[theforum] Problem with a post in your site (http://evolt.org)

Marlene Bruce marlene at digitizethis.com
Mon Apr 9 11:08:33 CDT 2007

Hi evolt folks,

Not sure why Ambianz emailed me, but can someone still active with 
evolt.org help with addressing the issue below?

Let me know ... and hope you're all well!


At 11:00 AM -0400 4/9/07, AMBIANZ.ca wrote:
>Good day Marlene,
>This is a request regarding one of the post added on your site (see 
>link below at the bottom of this email).
>In this particular post someone has made some complain against a Bed 
>Breakfast Directory. In reply to this complain someone from your 
>team or from the users of your directory has replied and have posted 
>information from "WHOIS" database and have listed our company name 
>and phone number information etc. i.e. AMBIANZ INC.
>Please note that we are a website design company offer services like 
>hosting, domain registration and website maintenance etc. Bed 
>Breakfasthome is also one of our client and we have booked their 
>domain and designed their website. Now the problem is that when 
>people search about our company "AMBIANZ.ca" for example to see our 
>portfolio and the websites that we have designed then GOOGLE also 
>picks up this particular post and shows in the search list. This is 
>affecting our name in the market and we have to do a lot of 
>explaining that the original complaint was against someone else.
>This is a lot of waste of time for us and also affecting our 
>business, especially with the first time customers.
>You are kindly requested to REMOVE this post from your site and 
>confirm us that it's done, so that we would ask GOOGLE to further 
>remove it from their CACHE which also takes months
>If you have question, concern about anything please feel free to 
>contact us on the following numbers or by email and we will be more 
>then glad to reply you.
>Your cooperation is highly appreciated.
>6381 Atherly Crescent
>Mississauga, Ontario.
>L5N 2J1
>Ph. 905 566 0606, 203 647 0329
>Toll Free: 1 888 499 5399

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