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David Kaufman david at gigawatt.com
Wed May 16 13:51:09 CDT 2007

Hi Forumistas and Forumvirates,

I just thought I'd forward the unsolicited advertising offer (below), it 
being the least sleazy and spammy of these that's been directed to 
give at evolt.org in a long time.  We get scads of spammy email "link 
requests" such as this all the time but I don't get spam like this at 
any of my other highly-spammed email addresses.

I suppose evolt.org having a high page google page rank is what makes 
these marketers want links on our site so bad.

Now, I am not supporting or promoting the idea -- but I just thought I'd 
toss this out there for discussion, wondering if there's any way to 
monetize this opportunity ...tastefully.

As treasurer, I can assure all that we don't *need* additional funding. 
In fact, average revenue from the google ads on the browser archive has 
increased since November (I think corresponding with the IE7 release) 
and apparently isn't going to go back down any time soon.  We're 
accumulating assets at the modest rate of $30 - $50 a month now, over 
and above our hosting expenses -- prior to November, out revenue and 
hosting expenses we right at even.

So maybe discussing potential additional revenue streams is moot... but 
things do tend to change -- ServerMatrix (ahem, now EV-1.com -- whoops, 
I mean ThePlanet.com) has raised our hosting rates once already... and 
advertising revenue can be a fickle mistress at best :-)

So, if we could control (and really liked!) the advertisers... for 
instance if the ads were for quality web development tools or cool 
hosted services that we think evolt.org visitors would be thrilled to 

A. Do you think putting text link ads on WEO (www. not just browsers.dot 
evolt.org) would be a cataclysmic error?

B. What about just on search results pages?

C. How about on the mailing list archives?

D. What would we do with the extra money?

We have an "accidental mission" BTW, now.  On our IRS tax ID application 
I was forced to pick a mission (luckily it was multiple choice).  We are 
an "educational non-profit" and (IIRC, IANAL, ETC,) must blow any and 
all of our money on expenses in the furtherance of that mission.

I'm thinking it would be nice to be able to pay an author or two for 
their articles once in a while.  What do you think?


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Hello, my name is Sarah.

I'm interested in your website and wonder if you like to make an extra 
income from it (without really doing very much).

We have many clients that are always interested in buying links on 
websites like yours. We will pay you the money and you just need to 
upload the link to your site, it's as simple as that.

If you'd like to look into this further just drop me an email at 
support at premiumseosearch.com and we can take it from there.

Just so you know, this is a one-time mailing sent by a person (me!) and 
you are not on any list. I am contacting you like this because we can 
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Thanks for reading my message and I look forward to hearing from you.

Best Regards
Sarah Wilson
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