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Martin Burns martin at easyweb.co.uk
Wed May 16 19:18:34 CDT 2007

On 16 May 2007, at 20:28, Paul Waring wrote:

> I've just noticed though that the 'help support evolt' page (from the
> 'donate' link) no longer exists - is this intentional?

Ummm it does:

>> I'm thinking it would be nice to be able to pay an author or two for
>> their articles once in a while.  What do you think?
> That's a tricky one - do you want to pay all authors, or only some? If
> only some, how do you decide which ones? Although personally I think
> this is a moot point anyway as evolt doesn't seem to get more than two
> articles a month posted anymore. :(

...which I believe is the point of Dave's suggestion.

Of course, if you believe that that's an entirely invidious idea,  
then may I suggest you put cursor to pixel and write something?


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