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Luther, Ron Ron.Luther at hp.com
Mon May 21 10:01:32 CDT 2007

Hi David,

How odd.  This seems to have kicked off far less discussion (and far
less resistance [Selling the evolt name? Never!]) than I would have
expected. Maybe the title isn't grabbing folks interest?

Oh well.  FWIW I am pretty much always in favor of increasing the
coffers ... and I've even willing to abide by a 'tastefully'
restriction!  ;-)

I personally suspect that the accounting folks would allow us to accrue
monies against expected future expenses for some reasonable period of
time.  I don't think we are under a strict 'use it by the end of the
calendar year or lose it' requirement, are we?  I believe that future
expected expenses would include hosting, a reasonable allowance for
increases in fees, a fund for hardware failures, obsolescence and
eventual replacement, and perhaps even a fund for future software fees
(if we chose, for example, to 'save up' for an Oracle license or
something like that).

This paying an author idea is interesting.  I'd rather not see a "hey,
we liked your article - here's a few bucks" implementation, although
that may well spark additional submissions.  What I think I would rather
seee would be either (a) a contest - evolt will pay $xx for the "best"
article on the value of standards compliance received by August 17th,
2008 ... or (b) a commission - I think we could offer one of our noted
Javascript authors $xxx to develop an 'Ajax 101' curriculum of short
articles to be published through evolt at a rate of one article per
month for the next three months kind of thing.

Anyhow, yes yes money is a good thing.


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