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Martin Burns martin at easyweb.co.uk
Sun Jun 10 11:44:20 CDT 2007

On 16 May 2007, at 19:51, David Kaufman wrote:

> So, if we could control (and really liked!) the advertisers... for
> instance if the ads were for quality web development tools or cool
> hosted services that we think evolt.org visitors would be thrilled to
> try...
> A. Do you think putting text link ads on WEO (www. not just  
> browsers.dot
> evolt.org) would be a cataclysmic error?

No, not cataclysmic. I'd be sad to see it happen unless there's a really
good reason.

To summarise our current finances:
1) We have nearly 2 years' worth of hosting at current monthly cost (it
     does get bumped up from time to time, and is currently US$69/month)

2) Current Google ad revenue from BEO is covering our hosting costs
     comfortably - any donations we get on top of that are obviously  
     windfalls (memo to self: must set up my standing donation again).

So I think within the current setup, I'd be resistant to putting any  
more ads
on anything (and tbh, I think LEO archives might be a better place to  
than WEO) unless we've got < 6 months' forecast costs on hand.

> D. What would we do with the extra money?

I'd be more interested to see what we can do better with the existing
cash we have.

And the place I'd be interested in looking at is a server upgrade. Load
Average on the existing box regularly spikes above 20. We've all
experienced time-outs I'm sure on WEO. Our current box is the very
cheapest that ThePlanet do:

So what's the best investment for performance increase? More RAM?
Faster CPU? A second box to offload DB to? I guess we're OK for disk  


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