[theforum] [Fwd: [Content] Feedback: Please remove my name]

Dean Mah dean.mah at gmail.com
Wed Nov 7 08:14:14 CST 2007

So as I mentioned in a previous message, we get the following types of

> -- The following message was sent using the feedback page --
> Could you please remove my old posts and comments from Evolt?  I'm no
> longer involved in web development and I think when my current clients
> google me, and they see these comments, it really confounds them.  I
> appreciate your help!

This is a pretty tame version of what we see.  Other people are quite
desperate and can throw in the occasional reference to legal action.  In
the past, our policy has been to *not* remove posts from thelist or
comments that contribute to greater community knowledge as a whole.  We
typically have not obscured names or e-mail addresses either.

So is it time to re-visit this policy?  As mentioned previously, we
believe that people have the ultimate copyright/control over their
content.  But obviously removing content can cause a gaping hole in the
archive, or in the case of a comment, will remove all of the child
comments of the one that you are deleting.  Would it be enough to
obscure/remove the poster's name?


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