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Paul Waring paul at xk7.net
Wed Nov 7 11:35:18 CST 2007

My thoughts on these are:

On Wed, Nov 07, 2007 at 07:18:45AM -0700, Dean Mah wrote:
> > - get wiki upgraded and re-opened

Get rid of it - there are enough wikis out there already.

> > - get content reviewed and published or discarded

I am happy to review submissions a couple of times a week to keep the
queue down.

> > - get d.e.o revised and opened

Get rid of it - a spammer's heaven and a moderator's nightmare.

> > - upgrade Drupal and add new theme (the voted on one or other)

I don't think I have the time to do this, unless it is fairly simple, as
I haven't used Drupal much.

> > - figure out what, if anything, to do about evolters.org

I'd suggest leaving this for the time being, or even dropping it.

> > - upgrade all sites to the new theme

Again, probably quite time consuming.

> > - establish policies on mailing list privacy (e-mail addresses, phone
> > numbers, links, etc)

I think this is something which can be done via the list, it just needs
someone to coordinate responses and pool them together.

> > - fix clamav upgrading process

I think I'd need a bit more of an explanation of what this means before
saying whether I could help or not - what exactly is wrong with the
upgrading process?

> > - b.e.o re-structuring

I think this should go.

You may notice a theme here of getting rid of stuff - I think evolt has
grown beyond what the current set of volunteers can handle (as is
evidenced by how much needs to be done) and so a lot of stuff is now
lingering around with no one to maintain it. Some rigorous pruning is,
in my opinion, needed - unless someone is prepared to take on the task
of looking after deo, beo and the wiki.


Paul Waring

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