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Paul Waring paul at xk7.net
Wed Nov 7 11:38:55 CST 2007

On Wed, Nov 07, 2007 at 07:14:14AM -0700, Dean Mah wrote:
> This is a pretty tame version of what we see.  Other people are quite
> desperate and can throw in the occasional reference to legal action.  In
> the past, our policy has been to *not* remove posts from thelist or
> comments that contribute to greater community knowledge as a whole.  We
> typically have not obscured names or e-mail addresses either.

My suggestion is simple: tell them to get stuffed. Once you have posted
something to a public list (such as thelist), you can't revoke it later
- it's already out there. It would be like politicians telling the media
not to quote something they said in public because they 'made a mistake'
or said something embarrassing. Also bear in mind that if someone from
another country threatens legal action, they are bluffing, and even
someone from the US is probably trying it on. Tell them to go away, then
if (and only if) evolt gets an official legal letter from someone who
actually can take action then consider taking the posts down.


Paul Waring

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