[theforum] business contact sheet ... a must have for any business outfit

Sid D. fastpaced at yahoo.com
Fri Apr 18 15:57:31 CDT 2008

hi guys,

we've recently launched business contact sheet .. check at http://www.business-contact-sheet.com 

its a tiny marketing product which helps you consolidate your marketing data ... please sign up its free for single executives.

oh! almost forgot.. you also can sign up for affiliate program in the making ... at http://affiliates.business-contact-sheet.com,you will get 25% straight away from the sales happening through yourpostings & promotions on various of the networks / websites youknow ... 

mail me your feedback if possible at business at business-contact-sheet.com 

thanks a ton in advance .. :)


p.s are you a fun marketer ... you many enjoy http://www.NonsenseMarketing.com as well ... 

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