[theforum] Windows IE6 standalone app not the same

Roelof Berkepeis roelof at imoma.eu
Mon Aug 11 15:53:49 CDT 2008

I think I found something which needs explanation and/or further 
testing.  On Evolt.org I found a Windows IE6 standalone application.  It 
seems to run fine, but lately I discovered a weird thing.  Up to now, 
the main IE browser on my PC was IE6. It's not possible to install 7 
without losing 6.  In this setup I created website code (with much JS 
and CSS) which showed OK in my IE6 and also in IE7 (on other PC).  Since 
I upgraded my PC to IE browser version 7, and using the IE6 standalone 
app for testing, the same webpage does NOT show OK in that IE6 ...

I know, IE6 is a special child of the MS browser family, esp. regarding 
rendering CSS ... but could anybody have an answer to this?  Ofcourse it 
could be any other configuration on my PC, cause this trouble / 
difference.  Note : the Help / Info section in the standalone IE6 says 
"Explorer 7" but this is propably because 7 is the main IE browser on my 
PC now, and ... it's MicroSoft ...

Roelof Berkepeis

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