[theforum] 10volt, want to post to the list

Elfur Logadóttir elfur at elfur.is
Thu Aug 21 17:02:32 CDT 2008

Erika, I won't comment on the decision to post to thelist as I'm not an
active member of evolt.org anymore. I just wanted to reiterate that there's
nothing aprox. about the date, Dec 14 is the official anniversary date. I
don't remember what it was exactly that triggered that to be decided, but
iirc it had something to do with date of an email dan sent to that other
list :)

But it's set in stone and celebrated yearly ... on Dec 14 2008 evolt.org
will be 10. 


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.:| In the interest of community-building, I'd like to post to the list
.:| regarding our 10 year anniversary which appears to be approx December
.:| 14, and to suggest that folks who are so inclined, arrange
.:| mini-evolticons in their local regions around that time (Maybe
.:| 12/13).
.:| I'll also mention that there is a 10 year anniversary thread going on
.:| right now on thechat, and suggest that people who want to be part of
.:| it,
.:| join in there.
.:| I think it would be cool if Martin added his map to the evolt.org
.:| site.
.:|   However, I don't think you can connect a pin with a member on that
.:| map, and so maybe in fact, http://www.frappr.com/evolt/map is the
.:| best
.:| way for us to find each other.  So I'll probably mention that too.
.:| I'm working on gathering data for an article about the 10volt,
.:| history
.:| and such, to submit to evolt.org.
.:| Erika
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