[theforum] 10volt, want to post to the list

dave at beanstalk-inc.com dave at beanstalk-inc.com
Thu Aug 21 17:00:46 CDT 2008

Hello, this is Dave Davies from Beanstalk.

Thank you very much for contacting me.  From Tuesday the 19th until Friday the 22nd I'll be in San Jose at the Search Engine Strategies Conference where I'll be speaking.

I will be trying to get as many emails answered as possible during this time however I also want to attend as many sessions as I can and get as much out of the other speakers and attendees as possible. 

As I will likely not be able to respond to every email that comes my way I will be prioritizing them based on urgency.  Clients with major issues will come first, clients without major issues will come next and prospective clients will have to come last.

If you are a prospective client emailing for information, you can reach Daryl at the office at 877-370-9750.  He is Beanstalk's Director of SEO Services and will be happy to help you.

I apologize for any inconvenience that this may cause and look very forward to emailing or speaking with you when I get back.


Dave Davies, CEO
Beanstalk Search Engine Optimization, Inc.

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