[theforum] 10volt.org

Erika ekm at seastorm.com
Fri Sep 19 10:49:19 CDT 2008

In order to fully geek out on Evolt's turning 10, I grabbed 10volt.org. 
Mainly I just wanted a place to for email and stuff, but I'd welcome 
anyone who wants to geek out with me on it.

I'm thinking that photos could go up there, too..  I'd be open to ideas 
or contributions.   Maybe offer a group blog?  hm.  It's on dreamhost 
and I'm personally pretty much a 1-click-install kinda gal.

I do want to write an article or two to submit to evolt.org.  One thing 
that would be nice to include is some screenshots of the old site, if 
anyone has them.  I do realize there is a lot to be found on the wayback 
machine, but sometimes it's a little klunky.

Slap me if I'm out of line.
Ping me if you want to be involved.



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