[theforum] the latest...

Erika ekm at seastorm.com
Fri Sep 19 16:29:14 CDT 2008

So got a day off today and...

I'm in the process of setting up a WordPress blog on 10volt.org, copping 
the circa 2k look and feel from evolt.org (one of my fav evolt designs), 
but unique enough so it doesn't look exactly like the the site or 

It appears that current WordPress will allow group blogging (oh that is 
sooo sexy ... or not)

so that's how I'll set it up.  Basically, I figure, for anyone that has 
an evolt.org user account, I'll set up an author acct on the blog. I 
just want to make sure that people can't wreck havoc in (or delete) each 
other's posts.  Not that anyone would... I've never tried to set up a 
multi-user blog before.

I figure WordPress will give capability for free-form content 
contribution, uploading photos, trading stories, etc.

Would also be cool with having other admin/s on the blog, would have to 
be an evolt admin type.

thoughts/suggestions welcome.


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