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Erika ekm at seastorm.com
Wed Oct 1 20:03:34 CDT 2008

ok then, I gather indeed... talking to a couple ex admins over the past 
couple of weeks and hearing the same general sentiment... pretty much 

I myself lapsed a bit earlier when we were doing a lot of group forming 
and reforming... I still maintain that it's all "growing pains" and 
nothing to get completely discouraged about... if possible...

For me now, coming back with some years of distance and perspective, I 
realize that in fact evolt.org has succeeded in creating "brand 
recognition" and longevity in the land of WWW, and feeling that it would 
be a shame to drop the ball on stuff like site improvement at this point.

I would love to put energy into some Q&A on weo, but can we determine 
that someone would be able to take action on some of this stuff? So it's 
not a shout into the void?

Some of it is pretty obvious (like getting rid of the links to the 
non-existent directory -- how can that not be a good thing?)... maybe we 
should even ask (or perhaps I should ask), what should weo be doing (and 
not be doing)?  It served a different purpose years ago, than now, but 
it's always been a great place to publish and read articles, IMO.  I 
like the fact that all the articles have survived the various revisions 
(even though I think some stuff like writers guidelines could use an 

Sounds like there is a content group, anyway, and maybe that is the 
place from which to learn (or to which to propose) this stuff.  I am 
looking forward to hearing more about this, and how to move forward.

I will say that I for one would be more encouraged to submit work to a 
site that is and appears to be vital and actively maintained.  Writers 
work hard on articles, so want them to be shown off as professionally as 



Tara Cleveland wrote:
> Hi Erika,
> I think there was a lot of effort a few years ago to make some changes
> and it fizzled out when it ended in... endless discussions. Since then
> I think that that people who had put energy into it, well, ran out of
> energy (and probably time). I know that's how it was for me anyway.
> I'm happy to, and have the time to put some more energy into things
> again now, so yeah, let's see if we can't poke people into either
> making changes or letting us make some changes to at least tidy up
> the site and maybe even make some more substantive improvements.
> Are the broken links in the templates? Does it need to be changed by
> someone on thecontent or thesite side?
> I really appreciate all the gentle butt kicking you're doing - keep it up! :-)
> Cheers,
> Tara
> On Wed, Oct 1, 2008 at 3:40 PM, Erika <ekm at seastorm.com> wrote:
>> Thanks, Martin.
>> Next question: does weo have a "mom"?
>> I have an article to submit and can't get to an active submission page.
>> I am frustrated by the amount of dead links and outdated information.
>> I'm wondering why there are links everywhere to a directory that no
>> longer exists?
>> and *can I do anything to help* with this, other than complain?
>> I don't know if you guys have tried to actually use the site lately, but
>> it's pretty rot-riddled.
>> Thanks,
>> Erika
>> Martin Burns wrote:
>>> On 30 Sep 2008, at 21:01, Erika wrote:
>>>> 1. I'm curious who evaluates/approves articles for evolt.org these days?
>>> The admin group, whose active members are:
>>> Dean
>>> Dave Kaufman
>>> Paul Waring
>>> Marcel Feenstra
>>> William Anderson
>>> and me
>>>> 2. Do we still need to put target=_blank in offsite links?  That seems
>>>> like a significantly outdated practice to me.
>>> Probably not
>>>> I have noticed that none of the people who wrote submission guidelines
>>>> are still active members.  (The most recent login being from Adrian in
>>>> fall of 2006.)
>>> A number of people contributed to them, not just the individual who
>>> submitted the article.
>>> Cheers
>>> Martin
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