[theforum] about that article...

Erika ekm at seastorm.com
Sat Oct 4 11:18:18 CDT 2008

Hey thanks for putting it up!

Formatting is beyond nutty though... I wrote it all on BBEdit and
validated (I think) before sending.   But maybe I did something wrong, 
and/or maybe someone is working on it still.  Please let me know if I 
need to make changes on my end, I will do so ASAP.

btw I had second thoughts about my pull-quote choice as soon as I hit 
"submit"... It's really a 2-part piece w/ the context being the anecdote 
at the beginning (which I chose not to cut because I think it is 
informational in its own way), and the meat of it being the 3 bullet 
points (3 iPhone design techniques).  I think the 3 bullet points should 
be the pull-quote, the heart of it.

thnx again.


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