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Adrian Simmons adrinux at perlucida.com
Wed Oct 8 05:36:13 CDT 2008

Dean Mah wrote:
> We have a new theme.  It was the result of the re-design contest.  It
> needs to be implemented for Drupal 5 which is now running on t.e.o.
Well, we had two entries to the redesign contest, I don't remember us 
deciding on a winner. Though if I *had* to choose one it would be Martin's 
(sorry Tara).

But neither of them really inspired us to make the change at the time of the 

> The non-core modules that I believe we have are: badbehavior,
> codefilter, excerpt, feedback, page, project, propstar, spam,
> spam_surbl, story, trackback_blackhole.  Some of these seem to have
> disappeared or have been integrated into the core.

> I've added
> codefilter, excerpt, feedback, and spam to t.e.o but didn't configure
> them.  I had problems getting badbehavior working and so gave up on
> it.  I'm not sure if we need or use the other ones.

Page is part of core, just a content type in Drupal-5, nothing to upgrade 
there (unless we did something stupid like patch it...).

Project we're not using anymore I think, so ignore that.

propstar is used for article ratings IIRC and would probably need be 
replaced with fivestar:

Which I believe depends on Voting API:
http://drupal.org/project/votingapi http://drupalmodules.com/module/voting-api

and that would mean some database wizardry migrating our ratings.

spam should probably be replaced in favour of Mollum (or possibly used in 
addition too?)

spam_surbl is just a sub module of spam so ignore that.

story is part of core - just a content type in 5, again nothing to upgrade.

trackback_blackhole also seems to be part of spam module.

Badbehavior is kind of unique, we'd probably need to get that working, just 
for performance sake.

It's probably going to be the middle of November, possibly start of December 
before I can dedicate any real time to an upgrade though :(

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