[theforum] w.e.o. updating/rethemeing

Erika ekm at seastorm.com
Wed Oct 8 09:38:57 CDT 2008

Adrian Simmons wrote:
> Jeremy Weiss wrote:
>> Evidently everyone is content with the theme we have now, 

um, me?  not so much. My least favorite design we've ever had (no 
offense to the designers) -- But it would work much better if, for 
example, dead links were cleaned up, errors were more user-friendly, etc.

> The two submissions for the design competition made needed improvements 
> particularly with regards to typography and usability, but didn't have the 
> design *wow* to make everyone leap to the task of updating.

evolt has always been about attractive and usable design first.  it's 
never been ultra-fancy-pants. Still, I think Martin's design (I haven't 
seen Tara's, sorry) is beautiful, AND he's done his homework.  AND the 
current theme is broken on the test site...

The difficulty of doing all your upgrades and re-themeing may -- or may 
not -- be a deal breaker,  but from a PR/marketing standpoint, it would 
be AWESOME to roll out a new design  BEFORE or AS PART OF our 10-year 
anniversary.  Conversely, not to do so would be a MAJOR missed opportunity.

Also, is anyone updating b.e.o?  Historically, one of the biggest draws 
to evolt.


As a side note, I've heard a lot of lost hope about evolt in the past 
few months, from people who were once very energetic in the org.  Nearly 
all of it centers around w.e.o. and frustrations coming up after 
implementing the new CMS.

Me, I'm willing to do whatever I can to build the org and w.e.o... my 
skills are more suited toward content/community building (and end-user 
with CMS's) but I have a good talent for sniffing usability "gotchas", 

Question: If CMS admin/s don't currently have time to work on w.e.o., 
are there others qualified, who do?


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