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Tara Cleveland tara.cleveland at gmail.com
Wed Oct 8 10:39:03 CDT 2008

Hey Erika and all y'all!

(I have to be overly north american on this side of the pond after all!)

I have done work on Drupal in the past (admittedly not recently) and
have time right now to do work on weo.  I don't think that design is
the best we can come up with. We're supposed to be web professionals -
we *should* have a site that looks jaw-droppingly amazing.

I'm going away this weekend and I'm going to spend some time in my
head working on another design to get ready for y'all next week. Then
I'm happy to theme whatever design we all choose - asap. I'm not on
content so I don't have the access to make any of the other changes
yet - either theme-wise or content-wise. How do I get it? Should I
join content?

Personally, I've spent far too much time the last few months navel
gazing and wondering where my life is going. I like the idea of
getting totally stuck into working on evolt's site while I work it all
out. I hope that's okay with all y'all :D


PS for point of interest, my old design is still kicking around too at

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