[theforum] w.e.o. updating/rethemeing and re-architecting?

ekm at seastorm.com ekm at seastorm.com
Wed Oct 8 17:22:19 CDT 2008

Adrian, I don't think you are talking about changing the logo...? because
I think that we have a kick-ass logo, and it is a strong/huge/historic
part of our brand.  There is also something about keeping a logo
old-school that just rules... think Krispy Kreme... Coca Cola... IMO do
not f w/ the cubes.  IMO, the evolt cubes *are* sacred.  I'd lose a piece
of my heart if they changed, I kid you not.  plus, don't a few of us have
them tattooed on our bodies?  hell yeah they are sacred.

Maybe talking about how the cubes are incorporated into the design of the
whole site?  That is IMO more open, but I never felt that they *didn't*

The current design has a "3 cube" theme happening: work/test/donate
Martin's theme has a "4 cube" theme: work/test/play/support (support is
IMO a better term than donate...) It's something that IIRC was really
hashed out and thought through, and I think it works.  Conceptually, the
individual cubes are part of a whole. The RGB colors speak to that, the
middle cube speaks to it... It's about as elegant as it gets.  (Who
designed that, anyway?)

I see the core of evolt being: article content (which include community
via profiles, ratings, and comments), thelist (which is the core
community), and b.e.o (huge draw to evolt) -- though everything but l.e.o
is lapsing right now.  I like that member blog aggregator too. What a
great way to get to know each other in a non-techie way.  I am  not sure
what all Martin had in mind for the "play" section, but I kind of like the
idea of it.

As a side note... per Martin's Colophon page, I did not know that articles
could be categorized in multiple areas... that was not apparent to me last
time I submitted.



Adrian Simmons wrote:
> If we're really talking about a kick-ass new design and not just
> redecorating then we have to think about re-architecting the site too
> imnsho. I'd throw in re-branding to that too, tying a redesign to those 3
> cubes and the same old logotype is, I think, too limiting. The important
> things about evolt are the community and the browser archive, coloured
> cubes
> shouldn't be at all sacred.

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