[theforum] w.e.o. updating/rethemeing

Ron Dorman rwd at csi1st.net
Wed Oct 8 18:53:01 CDT 2008

Adrian Simmons wrote:
> ekm at seastorm.com wrote:
>> Do we/should we have a wiki or some kind of tracking tool?
> I'd like something like that. It's what prompted my attempt to get 
> project.module working on evolt.org when we moved to Drupal, but it turned 
> out project.module sucked for anything except drupal.org. I hate wikis 
> though. I'd rather have have proper bug tracking/task management.
> Martin set up something in plone during the move to Drupal.
> Is there some third party tool we can use that would save us doing any work 
> setting up and maintaining it?
dotProject is open source, installs and sets up fairly quickly and 
easily, worked out of the box on an install 3 months ago. we'll never 
get around setup, and maintaining is a matter of perspective. if the 
software running is working well (with management of 
tasks/projects/communication/etc.), there is basically no maintenance, 
only management which we have no matter what we use.

Ron D.

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