[theforum] evolt teamwork site

Erika ekm at seastorm.com
Thu Oct 9 20:23:51 CDT 2008

1. Unless anyone objects, let's use the project management site Adrian 
has set up.

2. We need a project manager: someone who can figure out the scope of 
the project, who is responsible for what, and who will keep the project 
moving.  I have raised my hand to volunteer.  If anyone else objects to 
that or wants to volunteer, shout out please now.

I'm ready to rock n' roll.


PS Check out this ALA article: Rudy pointed it out to me.


Erika wrote:
> That looks plenty fine to me, for a project like updating and improving 
> w.e.o.
> Unless there is a compelling reason NOT to use this system, I think we 
> should just go for it.
> Erika
> Adrian Simmons wrote:
>> The teamwork site is at:
>> http://evolt.teamworkpm.net

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