[theforum] project milestones

Martin Burns martin at easyweb.co.uk
Sat Oct 11 17:20:10 CDT 2008

On 11 Oct 2008, at 21:01, Erika wrote:

> basically, my concern is that some things should happen before others
> happn: SQL needs to be upgraded before drupal is upgraded (?), drupal
> needs to be upgraded before theme is implemented, theme implemented
> before error messages are fixed (or maybe not) (I guess I'm not yet
> clear on what version of SQL/Drupal we'll be working with.)

Current version on weo: 4.6
Current version on teo: 5.??? (5.11 probably)
so no upgrading of MySQL/PHP required

Highest level milestones:
1) Upgrade current/implement new theme on Drupal 5
(which can be somewhat in parallel with:)
2a) Find replacement modules where 4.6 module functionality not  
available (modules not updated or moved into core)
2b) Pick new modules for new functionality

Once working and tested on teo:
3a) Upgrade Drupal on weo
3b) Migrate over the new theme + modules

We can then either do it all again for:
Most recent version: 6.5
or do one big jump (although the upgrading of weo will need to be in  
stages iirc)

Longer term concern for when we *have* to move to PHP5: my experience  
of moving from Debian Sarge to Etch *severely* knackered qmail (which  
of course is not supported under Debian) to the extent that I had to  
move to Postfix (which is).


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