[theforum] improve w.e.o, first items

Erika ekm at seastorm.com
Sat Oct 11 18:59:42 CDT 2008

Adrian Simmons wrote:
> Erika wrote:
>> One thing I would like to know, is who is LOVING Drupal.
> Me, for one.

Martin has assured me that you guys are out there.  That is what I 
needed to know.  That people are available and able to work on the backend.

> I don't know if its the same people but there was a lot of erm... heated 
> discussion 

heated discussion... on evolt?  wow.  hard to believe! ;)

> never will. The fact that they're whining off-list says a lot really.

Ok, I would not use the word "whining."  With very few exceptions,  I 
have heaps of respect for everyone I have worked with at evolt, whether 
or not we have agreed or disagreed, and I'll defend them to the death! 
ok maybe not death. :) Regardless, I think that there are a whole range 
of valid viewpoints about the state of the org.

 From my POV there is a lot of w.e.o. that come off as neglected (even 
severely neglected), no two ways about it.  I don't want to lay blame 
(who am I to blame?) I just want to help make it better, as part of a 
team.  That's all.

>> For those 
>> who are willing, I think we should find a way to give them opportunity 
>> to work in the CMS if possible.
> When has that ever not been the case?

I don't know how gatekeeping works, which is why I expressed that. 
Anyway, I asked, and have access to t.e.o. now, so I'm very happy!



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