[theforum] Drupalistas: your community needs you!

Jeremy Weiss eccentric.one at gmail.com
Sun Oct 12 09:38:01 CDT 2008

I can't gurentee how much time I'll have to devote, but I want to help where I can. Count me in as part of the backend team. Just to clarify, we're moving to the current 5.x branch, right?


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Hi all

Every time CMS choice comes up here, I've seen a fair (and growing)  
number of people with positive stories to tell about Drupal.

As you may know, www.evolt.org runs Drupal[1], but it's not really  
progressed since we migrated to it nearly 4 years ago.

So, what we'd really like is some help in a fairly major update, which  
will cover some or all of:
1) Version update (we're running on an embarrassingly old version rn)  
- first target: 5.11
2) New theme (or at worst: the same one migrated working on the  
updated install)
3) New/improved functionality through modules
4) Other usability/IA improvements - we're very much open to  

So, if you have experience with Drupal, or anything else above that  
can be achieved with Drupal, and would like to help out, drop me a  
mail off-list, and I'll get you added to the team!

on behalf of evolt.org

[1] Not that there aren't other fine CMSs out there, but given that
a) there appear to be more Drupal people here than anything else
b) migrating to Joomla/Rails/Django/whatever would involve a huge  
effort in itself, and I'd rather focus on actual benefits as above
we're not actively looking to do that. If you have a strong argument  
in favour of something else, bring it on, but as a longer term  

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