[theforum] evolt users

Erika ekm at seastorm.com
Sun Oct 12 14:33:00 CDT 2008

Though, if a person were to only log in once *ever* to evolt, what do 
you suppose the reason may be? Maybe to leave one comment?  Or?

  If the database is correct, this is a very common scenario (log in 
once, and never return).  I see accts that look like this, with names 
like "sebtest" too.

Is there a way for users to delete their OWN accounts?  (I suppose I 
could learn this by exploration)

I'm going to add you to the teamwork site, Dean.  I don't want to do 
anything crazy but if I see something, I'm going to ask about it 
(probably on the teamwork site, not here).

Anyway, for me it's hard to conceive of users only being added forever 
and ever, and never being deleted.... until the database is like a 
faceless amorphous flesh-eating blob and we can not find any real people 
in it...  (guess what my daughter is going to be for Halloween...!).


Dean Mah wrote:
> One of the reasons that we keep all of the users is to "block" the
> spammers.  Marking them with the role of 'Spamming Scum' disables them
> from re-creating a deleted account.  Not that it makes much of a
> difference since there's no impediment to adding new accounts (we
> don't use captcha or e-mail verification).
> I would also suspect that even if you are a long time member of
> evolt.org, you wouldn't necessarily log into the site even if you ever
> came to the site to just read the content.  Only people who want to
> comment or 'admin' the site need to do that.  I would suspect that
> there would be some hard feelings if those members had their accounts
> deleted, along with their 'history'.
> Dean
> On Sun, Oct 12, 2008 at 11:19 AM, Erika <ekm at seastorm.com> wrote:
>> Ok I know f' all about database management, but here's a question: would
>> it be a valid thing to ask about cleaning up the user database?
>> Sorted alphabetically, I scroll thru 15 pages of users before I get to
>> the letter "A"... the vast majority of them having logged in once, years
>> ago, long enough to make a profile, and never logged in again.
>> I can understand how we'd want to keep some users who have not logged in
>> in forever...  but all of them?
>> Would it be prudent, and is there a way to say something like:
>> if user has *not* logged in for 4+ years years *AND* user only logged in
>> once ever == buh-bye user x.
>> ?
>> Erika

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