[theforum] blast from the past

ekm at seastorm.com ekm at seastorm.com
Mon Oct 20 12:13:23 CDT 2008

so I was thinking about front ends and poking around through old archives
and found this blast from the past:

hilarious! here's what I love about evolt: professional on one hand, but
also dorky, not taking ourselves too damn seriously.  There's still a
place for that (IMO now more than ever).

I love Roselli's ninja "stealth" design. can't even read the fkking text!
and "A Fist apart"  ripoff of older ALA design (I think they did a
redesign about the same time as us)

Old logo files
(wondering if aardvark built the original logo...)
original t-shirt designs
(I still like the neon <blink>)

Somewhere in there are test layouts for the bright-on-black design too.
pretty cool that he kept all that stuff up there.



PS evolt LinkedIn group has about 25 members signed up now.
pretty cool!

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