[theforum] beo beo beo beo beo beo beo beo

William Anderson neuro at well.com
Mon Oct 20 17:24:57 CDT 2008

Luther, Ron wrote:
> William Anderson noted:
>>> drupal test of what beo can and should look like in our spur world order.
>>> http://browsers.evolt.zensoft.net/
> Hi William,
> Coolio!  I like the overall functionality.  But walking into a "This directory is empty" message is a bit nonfriendly.  Maybe we can light it up from a lower level like this instead?
> http://browsers.evolt.zensoft.net/node/1

To be fair, this is just a tech demo.  I just wanted to demonstrate that
we can integrate beo into drupal with a fairly small amount of work.  We
can work on the look and feel when we're at that point (which we're not
yet, I guess).

> Should we kill the display of the diagnostic messages when folks aren't at the lower levels?  I'm not sure we need the 'submitted' class, the reiteration of the breadcrumb, and the summary of the files and bytes when folks are at the top of the list?  Some of those items, like the summary data may be useful at the lower levels, but maybe not at the starting point.

Again, tech demo :)  I was surprised by eventually finding something in
drupal that actually does what I've been wanting it to do for a while
and wanted to show it off :)  But thanks for the comments, I'll dig in
and see what bits we can prune off!


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