[theforum] I changed stuff on evolt.org (now I broke something?)

ekm at seastorm.com ekm at seastorm.com
Wed Oct 22 11:03:24 CDT 2008

Hello again.  I have to go for a bit; if you want me to undo and fix this
I will, if someone else wants to, fine also, just let me know what to do.

I am concerned that I broke something in my efforts to shift things
around. I had reasons for the shifts that I'm not going to get into too
much... cause I just realized that (for example) shifting "submit an
article" to the top right where it seems more prominent only displays that
way for not-logged-in users, and that's *not* so great, because it is
those exact users who will get a "NOT AUTHORIZED TO VIEW THIS PAGE"
message when they attempt to get to that point.

What seems broken is certain articles, like the PHP article on the
high-ranked-article list, is shifting down on the page.  I think this may
be a result of my moving things back and forth.   So I can fix (undo) what
I did, I just don't want to be in there working at the same time as
someone else *thinking it would be nice if we had a publish/unpublish

I hope you will be patient w/ me on this.  I've been spending a lot of
time tooling around the current site and also on archived versions of the
site, and I want to send a proposal/napkin sketch/ideas for an updated nav
structure for top-level pages.

I'm also working on my own front-end layout ideas to throw in the mix;
will send a link to a mockup for comments, also.  I don't know how
flexible drupal is, but I'm sure you'll all inform me.... (when I get time
I do hope to install it on my own server).



What I did:

> Erika wrote:
>>I attempted to fill the empty space with a donate box, but it only shows
>>up when I'm logged in.
> Yes, that was always the case - we thought that asking $random_anon_user
> to donate
> was unnecessarily annoying to people who didn't already have a
> relationship with us.
> Cheers
> Martin
> (sending from work cos home machine is in the hospital awaiting Video RAM
> fixing)
> ___
> IBM Global Business Services

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