[theforum] I changed stuff on evolt.org (now I broke something?)

Erika ekm at seastorm.com
Thu Oct 23 09:25:38 CDT 2008

Kaufman wrote:
>  I believe TEO was setup for testing layout (and
> functionality) changes to WEO.
> ...though it appears to be decidedly unhelpful for that at the moment:
> http://test.evolt.org

right... internet is in and out for me lately (mostly out) but anyhow,
yes... test.evolt.org is not very useful right now, also, it did not 
occur to me that shifting a block from one side to the other would 
affect layout.  I don't know why not since the layout now looks a lot 
like our Plone layout at work.

Clicking heels together and repeating: I love my CMS I love my CMS I 
love my CMS (and I am SO GLAD IT'S NOT PLONE).


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