[theforum] index.cfm 404's (and evolt CMS)

Drs M. Feenstra, MALD, MBA marcel at wintasy.com
Thu Oct 23 11:41:10 CDT 2008

> 1. noticed some errors reported from people attempting to access
> presumably from legacy links.  Since this was our front door for 5 or 6
> years, I assume there are a few links like that out there....
> would it be possible (and advisable) to set up a server redirect from
> someone attempting to access /index.cfm to our homepage?

Sounds like a good idea!

According to Yahoo!, there are just 19 links to that particular page,
including 4 *internal* links (actually, *one* link in the article "Searching
with Sherlock Part 1" by Martin, but apparently that article can be reached
using 4 different URLs). Still, I agree that a 404 does not make a great
first impression...

(As for "possible": I think it would just be a line in .htaccess)


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