[theforum] new layout, Drupal question

Elfur Logadóttir elfur at elfur.is
Thu Oct 23 16:48:49 CDT 2008

.:| Thanks, that makes sense anyway, navigation-wise. Re: Elfur, I am not
.:| sure about the 404 module, leave that to someone else, or the next
.:| version.

I'm not suggesting an installation of a new module ... but rather was
throwing out the thought at the back of my mind that some sort of a module
with alias / 404 / redirect / etc function was in use on evolt.org ... which
I thought we were using for the different aliases of articles.

Thus, creating yet another alias in that list[1]  in that active module,
would be a no brainer and no hassle and no changes to anything.

Wasn't there a module simply named url-alias or something similar?


[1] redirecting /index.cfm to /

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