[theforum] someone help me fix it?

Elfur Logadóttir elfur at elfur.is
Fri Oct 24 16:49:56 CDT 2008


.:| I can't figure out what I broke (I assume I broke it)
.:| or how I broke it...

First question ... where you changing the theme, the css, the setup in
Drupal or ???

At first glance, it seems like flush right or however it was done[1] is
broken on the right sidebar.
This leads to the line that is supposed to be right up at the heading is
driven down towards the end of the list appearing in the right sidebar
(Article categories list).

The "want more" section is supposed to be up there in the same line as the
other items (posted on, in, by etc), but because your article is included in
so many categories, that section is taking up way too much space, causing
the "want more" section, which is aligned to the right, to fall down and
move other items even lower.[2]

Based on appearances, I'm guessing you were making changes to the css, but
you might have moved "categories" in Drupal, thus needing to change the css
that is controling that box - look for the css of the box you moved, if that
is the case.

.:| and further, I'm not sure where that stuff that is broke is supposed
.:| to be.
.:| Is some of it supposed to be on the bottom?  is some of it supposed
.:| to
.:| be on the side?  The <hr> looking thing leads me to believe some of
.:| it
.:| is supposed to be at the bottom....

What stuff? You mean the items that are below the "white space"? If yes,
I've answered  that (I hope). If not, then i don't know what you've broken

(who suddenly got more time on her hands, because of the friggin banking
system (or lack therof) in Iceland ... but before you ask, no I haven't lost
my job and hopefully I won't - but the project is on *real slow* pace atm)

[1] I haven't done css in any shape or form in two years, but i did have
something to do with the html of this version of evolt.org.

[2] If you resize your webbrowser wide you'll se that the "want more"
section is aligned on the right side of the same "line" as the other two
sections. See http://evolt.org/node/60261 for an example of how it looks
like when the categories are fewer. (look before you re-resize your browser
window and the right alignment of the "want more" section is evident.

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