[theforum] someone help me fix it?

Erika ekm at seastorm.com
Fri Oct 24 17:06:14 CDT 2008

Elfur Logadóttir wrote:
> First question ... where you changing the theme, the css, the setup in
> Drupal or ???

Elfur, thank you for taking a look.

1. I turned off the right-side links to (defunct) directory.evolt.org

2. at that point, there was some blank space, and I moved a content
block from left to right (possibly making 2-3 changes, including some
weight changes on the blocks).  Unfort I can't recall *exactly* what I 
did; it didn't occur to me that it would affect the layout. (I'm still 
not sure why it would)

3. I don't know exactly when the site "broke" because I was looking at 
the front page, and making changes based on the front door, but it is 
the article page that broke.

In short, I did nothing but delete directory block and shift content 
blocks (like submit an article) from left to right; and possibly adjust 
weight.  No touchy the CSS.

my screen res maxes at 1025...


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