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Martin Burns martin at easyweb.co.uk
Sat Oct 25 04:07:13 CDT 2008

On 24 Oct 2008, at 22:09, Luther, Ron wrote:

> However, I can easily understand if someone were to take the  
> viewpoint that 'email is email' whether it comes from evolt or not.   
> I think that would certainly lead to a temptation to top-post since  
> that response model seems more commonplace (in my humble experience  
> of course) in the corporate slime-trail email environment. There may  
> be occasional deviations where you can insert comments in-line in a  
> different color and/or font and/or font size, (in the corporate  
> world - not in our plain text evolt world), but in general top- 
> posting seems to be the norm.

It ultimately depends on how you want to ridicule your correspondent's  
ideas, intentions and general humanity: point by point, or in one fell  


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