[theforum] reminder: revised content for evolt.org pending

David Kaufman david at gigawatt.com
Thu Nov 6 07:41:47 CST 2008

Hi Erika,

<ekm at seastorm.com> wrote:
> The other revisions are both linked on the upper left-hand corner of 
> t.e.o:
> "About Us" and "Submit an Article" both of which link to some deeper
> revised content.

Another suggestion, regarding the about us page: 

In two places you refer to our database as "SQL":

"In 2005 we decided to migrate our database and CMS to SQL/Drupal."

"We now host our site on Linux-based servers running Drupal over SQL"

While technically correct, our current database does fall into the broad 
"SQL" category, the category is so broad can't think of any databases that 
fall *outside* of it..

Yet when referring to the older incarnations of the CMS you're quite a bit 
more specific:

  - Cold Fusion over an Access database on Window [sic] NT
  - Linux/Oracle/Cold Fusion
  - Win2k/MSSQL/Cold Fusion

Please go ahead and proudly proclaim that we run Drupal with a MySQL 
database.  It's not remarkable  -- it's the de facto standard, but 
gearheads like me like to give credit where credit is due.  And open source 
developers (like me) especially like to give open source full their props.

In fact, I'd rewrite this section as:


  Our original content management system was written in Cold Fusion,
  used a Microsoft Access database, and ran on Windows NT; later we
  migrated to Cold Fusion on Linux, but with an Oracle database, and
  then back to Cold Fusion on Windows (2000) but this time with a
  Microsoft SQL Server doing the heavy lifting.  These various
  incarnations of the evolt.org CMS were developed and maintained by
  coders in different parts of the world, with the occasional
  community-building "code-fests" and the hosting service was donated,
  in most cases, by the various developers themselves.

  Eventually, concerns about the accessibility and longevity of our
  system led the community to choose a more powerful, all open source
  software stack: we run Drupal with MySQL, and host our site on a
  dedicated server running Debian Linux.

I know the distinctions may seem minor, but to me, it's just a diss to run 
Debian and just call it "Linux" or MySQL and just call it "SQL"



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