[theforum] evolt.org layout/typography driving me nuts

Erika ekm at seastorm.com
Sun Nov 9 18:40:47 CST 2008

Elfur Logadóttir wrote:
> I'm not sure that stripping things from the current layout was the right
> thing to do (but I'm not suggesting that they're put back).

The only thing I removed were broken links to d.e.o. (there is still one 
dead d.e.o. link left in the sidebar).

Yesterday I removed the sticky article from 2004.  It can easily be put 
back (or another in its place), but I think it is worth taking a look at 
what the site looks like without that outdated article covering up the 
rest.  I have no understanding of what the front page is trying to 
accomplish right now.  (is this info in the wiki?... don't see the link 

Since we don't have a real process for improving the site, I have an 
issue with not allowing small changes.  This is not a static site that 
is going to break or require a lot of work to change one thing or the 
next.  If there needs to be documentation of things done, that would be 

In the past, we at least had Isaac looking after the front end design (I 
definitely didn't like certain things about his designs but they were 
decent designs and I never spoke against them as they had great support 
in the community).  We had aardvark looking after the usability.  Maybe 
we need this. (I'm thinking we do.)  I'd only say, if someone is going 
to look after things, they need to be on point.

Another thing I find really difficult (this is absolutely not directed 
at you Elfur, it's just a general sentiment) -- is that there is a 
tendency to make sweeping criticisms of someone's efforts, while not 
making similar effort.  On and off over the years this has been an issue 
at evolt.  The result seems to be, that as long as we are at a point of 
*stasis*, everything is cool.  As  soon as things taking a shape or 
direction, the controversies start, and continue until people give up, 
leave, or both.

There has to be a better way.

> I disagree partly. For the upgrade to be planned and worked out - teo is the
> only worry atm. 

It's a pretty significant issue for someone trying to work on the site.

>  To solve this issue I
> can donate a temporary parking place for a D6 testing area 

will this solve the issue?  We are going to Greek it or...? So we add 
another step?  move from Elfur's server to t.e.o and then from t.e.o to 

I think pretty much anyone here can set up Drupal 6 somewhere.  I think 
that having the evolt content to work with is pretty important.  But I 
might be wrong.

> Hehe, and here I am, solving one (for the short term) but increasing the
> other :)

I don't know... I might be misunderstanding.  I do know that I have to 
move on from this in the next couple of months.

Right now, am happy to do as much as I can, including coding our front 
end (assuming we have a design), and keep working on content.  But by 
Demeber 15 I will be moving into maintenance mode (and stopping payment 
on the project management site.)



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